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Hi-PHPS Coating
This product is only available for authorized installers.

Based on BC-06 this product is a highly concentrated Per-Hydro-Polysilazane (PHPS) coating especially designed to allow application by conventional wipe on. BC-09 creates a highly durable hydrophilic layer of special polysilazane molecules that can protect the paint from contamination and dirt and deliver a improved scratch resistance. This coating will keep your car clean for a long time and will prevent impurities from sticking to it’s surface.

BC-09 creates a special type of lustre and reflection on the surface of your clearcoat.

Modesta BC-04 is capable to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 °C.

BC-09 may not be used in combination with the Modesta P-01A Primer. However BC-09 might be used as a foundation layer for other coatings of our range, especially BC-03 Pure Glass Coating, BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating or BC-05 Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating.

BC-09 - Hi-PHPS Coating
Product properties rating
Self Cleaning Effect:
Anti-Scratch Effect:
Water Repellency:
Heat Resistance:
Product details
Packaging volume: 50ml
Durability: 3 - 10 years
Product type: Coating
Hazard symbols: GHS02 - FlammableGHS08 - Health hazard