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Hybrid Titanium / Glass Coating
This product is only available for authorized installers.

Modesta BC-02 is a glass coating liquid containing titanium dioxide, whose photocatalysis blocks ultraviolet rays and prevents impurities from sticking to the paint.

It's blend of ingredients generates a hard membrane with strong water-repellent properties that protects the paint surface from dirt, acid, UV rays and scratches for up to three years.

This product is not available in the following countries: Slovakia

BC-02 - Hybrid Titanium / Glass Coating
Product properties rating
Heat Resistance:
Water Repellency:
Anti-Scratch Effect:
Self Cleaning Effect:
Product details
Durability: 3 - 10 years
Packaging volume: 25ml
Product type: Coating
Hazard symbols: GHS02 - FlammableGHS08 - Health hazard